Solitude is a “Social Distancing Handbook” which is conceived in the form of proposals to develop single-player exercises. The proposals are self-motivated sessions to be played in a confined space.


_What is Solitude?

Solitude is a social distancing handbook that illustrates self-motivated single-player exercises.


_Is it participatory?



_Till when can one participate? And how?

You can submit your ideas about self-motivated sessions to be played in a confined space either my mail or DM. IN – pollinator.io M – studio.pollinator@gmail.com


_What will you do with my idea?

Illustrate them, and due credits will be provided.


_Why are you using cartoon/ animations as a medium of expression?

The lightness of the animation builds a therapeutic massage. It has always been a sufficient source to create humor and vibrancy. Probably in these painful times, it is required for us to heal ourselves.


_What kind of impact do you hope the social distancing handbook would create?

At this point, we are continually adding the single person instructional games for people to play at their confined spaces and also hope to get more suggestions to add to the coherent collection. The intention is to create a handful of quantities and disseminate the handbook free as an open-source to engage.


_What is the intention behind this?

The approach of doing these small exercises is in a way to make people think of ways to create new dimensions during these tough times. We want to keep this exercise meditative with a pinch of darkness which is so evident in today’s social paradigm.


_Elaborate on the process of creating the illustrations for the handbook?

The proposals are of incredibly intimate nature, observatory, and self-driven. They are simply easy steps to occupy oneself. The ideas are in the air, and it’s just who gets to put them in a way that it sums up. We felt there was a need for transparency and kinship to pass through these tough times. As we process the ideas by making raw sketches and visualize them onto vector drawings, we still try to hold the intimacy and awkwardness to be the soul of the game. We structure each proposal into a title, aim, need, how, time, levels, and game hack.