*The applications for Virtual Nursery, 2020 - a remote residency are closed at the moment.


Q. Who is the Guest Pollinator for Virtual Nursery? A. Guest Curator - Shaleen Wadhwana

Q. Where can I apply? A. Form

Q. Can I apply as a duo? A. Yes, you can. Even if you apply as a Duo, you will be considered as one entity/ one applicant. Therefore, submit only one form.

Q. Can I apply if I am not fluent in English? A. Yes, you can apply. The language for communication across this residency is both Hindi and English. The Pollinators would appreciate your creative process, conceptualization and ideation over and above the fluency of the language.

Q. What is the Selection Criteria? A. Please refer to the Application Guidelines

Q. What is the duration of the residency? A. It is a 3-months long residency which will start in September and end in November 2020.

Q. What is included in the Residency? A. In addition to cultural funding, the residents will be provided relevant literature and prompt to research, develop, and complete their specific project or collection of works in the form of an open-resource material. For the duration of the residency, the residents will be exposed to a network of industry mentors and peers. Various channels of open communication and stimulating discussions will be maintained through remote learning, feedback, workshops, and 1:1 mentorship in relation to the resident’s work. Read more here.

Q. What is not included in the Residency? A. Additional funds, studio space, equipment, art/ material supplies, and digital devices will not be provided.

Q. Is it possible to edit my application form once filled? Or if I make any errors, can I re-submit the form? A. We request all the applicants to be careful while submitting their responses. You cannot make edits once the form is submitted. However, if you face any technical issues while submitting the form, please contact us at

Q. Why didn't the team at Pollinator ask for personal details/ CV/ Bio/past accomplishments or accolades? A. The team wants to keep the selection process unbiased. We do not require your CV or Bio or Creative Statement or Portfolio. All selections will be made on an objective, non- bias and non-discriminatory basis, irrespective of past privileges, competencies, mediums of practice, language proficiency, education/degree, age, caste, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Q. Will the applicant receive an email from the team stating why they were not shortlisted? A. The Pollinator team can be requested to provide feedback by applicants who want to know why their application was not selected. Details of how to request this feedback will be given.

Q. What about the Legality/ Copyrights of the work produced at the residency? A. Refer to the section of Terms and Conditions here.

Q. How will the residency funds be released to the residents? A. The lump-sum amount will be released in 3 phases in 3 installments in the middle of every month.

Q. How will I receive the installment amount? A. Selected residents will be asked for their respective bank details, and the funds will be directly transferred to their bank account.

Q. How will the work progress be mapped, since the deliverables/ mentorship are all online? A. Through an online whiteboard/ online portal. The selected residents will be informed about this further.

Q. When will the Jury and other mentors be announced? A. They will be announced during the time period of the open call.

Q. What is Cultural Share? A. "A “conversation” between two cultural practitioners or more. The program includes intimate talks with artists and cultural leaders for critical reflection and to look from the perspective of artists and not just cultural organizations/institutions.

Q. How long will each session be? Is it ticketed? A. Each session will be 45-60 minutes accessible via google meet. The participation fee will be there (subject to change). Kindly note seats are limited. These sessions will be freely accessible by the Residents of Pollinator 2020. *participation fees/ registration fees + limited seats are subject to change as per the event.


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